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Hickory Lawn Farm
A Hoosier Homestead Award Farm in Hebron, Indiana

Hanna's Hog by Jim  Aylesworth

The Mitten by Jim Aylesworth

Little Bitty Mousie

Our Abe Lincoln

Jim Aylesworth and YOU (LIbraries Unlimited)

Hanna's Hog by Jim  Aylesworth

The Mitten by Jim Aylesworth

Jim Aylesworth - His Hoosier Connection
Red Barn on Hickory Lawn Farm

2009 Photo credit: Giles Aylesworth
During Jim's childhood, his family moved often (Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas) as they followed his father's business.  During these early years, the family farm in Hebron, Indiana became a unifying factor in Jim's life and continues to pull his family and his brother's family together today.  The farm is located near Hebron, Indiana, about two hours away from Jim's current home in downtown Chicago.  Jim's brother, Bill, also lives in Chicago.

My brother and I now own the family farm.  We are close friends.   The farm looks very much as it did when we were children.  The old part of the house is the same as it always was, but, with good thanks to Bill, an addition has been put onto the house, and now everyone has a bedroom of their own.  It can be a pretty full house.
Hickory Lawn Farm
The two brothers, their sons, and their families often spend weekends and holidays at the farm together.
My brother and I both had two sons each.  They are all about the same age.  Mesh them together—we call the four of them "the cousins." They are like brothers themselves. My son, John, has a son now, Sam.   And my nephews have children and although they are not my grandchildren, I kind of think of them in that way.  We call them "the little cousins." It's not exactly peaceful with the kids running around, but it is exciting and fun.  The plan is for the cousins to take over some day.
Childhood memories of the farm helped Jim create some stories such as Hush Up!, Hanna's Hog, and One Crow: A Counting Rhyme

Hoosier Homestead Award Farm - Hickory Lawn Farm

Hickory Lawn Farm
The Hoosier Homestead Award program (from the State of Indiana) recognizes families with farms that have been owned by the same family for 100 years or more. Since 1976, almost 4,500 farms have received this honor.  The Aylesworths are proud that Hickory Lawn Farm is  recognized as being a century farm and listed as a Hoosier Homestead Award farm.  The farm was established in the 1840s, by Giles Aylesworth, when he moved west to Indiana and purchased the land with $2000 worth of gold.

Hickory Lawn Farm - cows
Hickory Lawn Farm - chickens
For more pictures from the farm visit the Hickory Lawn Farm Album
Hoosier Homestead Farm (flag)
Jim and a few cows.
And chickens too.

History of Hickory Lawn Farm's Ownership
Giles Aylesworth
(1807-1880) Mary Jones Aylesworth
Giles came to Indiana from Ohio in the 1840's. He came with his family in covered wagons and with gold hidden in the false bottom of a bucket. With that gold, he purchased the land and built a home which would become Hickory Lawn Farm. One of his sons was named Porter.
Porter Aylesworth (1834-1918) Catherine Shinabarger Aylesworth
The farm home on this property burned in October/November 1856ˆ three weeks after Porter and Catherine were married (October 16, 1856).  The couple built a new colonial frame house which stood for sixty-one years until a cyclone tore the house down in May of 1917. One of Porter's sons was named after his grandfather, Giles.
Giles Aylesworth
(1861-1943)  Lillian Staring Aylesworth
Giles was in possession of the farm when the cyclone destroyed the home. He rebuilt a house on the farm and by the time of his death in 1943, he had fulfilled his grandfather's wish that the farm would remain in the family for one hundred years. In turn, one of his sons was named after his grandfather, Porter.
James Porter Aylesworth (1897-1983) Marguerite Snyder Aylesworth
Porter, as he was known, did much to reacquire land lost from the original farm property. One of his sons was named Norman.
James Norman Aylesworth (1919-2002) Gerral Harrison Aylesworth
Norman had two sons. One of them is, Jim Aylesworth, and the other is Jim's brother, Bill Aylesworth.

Jim Aylesworth (1943- ) Donna Lapuzza Aylesworth —Jim and Donna have two sons: John Aylesworth (1966) and Daniel Aylesworth (1969). And John has a son, Sam Aylesworth. Jim's latest book, The Mitten, is dedicated to Sam.
Bill Aylesworth (1946- )  Linda Whitcomb Aylesworth —Bill is Jim's brother and deserves great credit for bringing the farm back to the beautiful state that exists today. Bill has two sons, Giles (1968) and Josh (1971), and they both have children: Emily, Ethan, Will, Maggie, and Michael. Together with Sam, these six cousins make up the eighth generation of Aylesworths to enjoy Hickory Lawn Farm.

Emily, Ethan, Will, Maggie, Michael, and Sam
Emily, Ethan, Will, Maggie, Michael, and Sam
"The Little Cousins"
The Eighth Generation at Hickory Lawn Farm

Thanksgiving November 2008
 Photo Credit: Donna Aylesworth

The Family Before Indiana
Arthur AylworthThe family history can be traced back to Arthur Aylworth (ca. 1656 in England or Wales). He came to the America sometime before July 29, 1679.  He died in Kingstown, Rhode Island sometime between 1723 when he added to his will and September 13, 1726 when his will was "proved."  Arthur Aylworth and his wife Mary Brown became parents of ten children -- one of their sons was Arthur Aylworth Jr.

Arthur Aylworth Jr. (ca. 1684-1761) married Mary Franklin (thought to be a relative of Benjamin Franklin).  Together the couple  had nine children—one of which was Philip Aylworth.
Philip Aylworth (ca.  n/k-1789) married Elizabeth and one of their ten children was Philip Aylworth Jr.  whose birth was recorded  in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.  Philip Jr. was given, by his father Philip, land in Coventry, Rhode Island where he settled.  During the 1760s and into the 1770s Philip Jr. made many land transfers, including the selling of his land in Coventry.  He eventually moved to Vermont and later to Milford, Otsego County, New York.

Philip Aylworth Jr.  (1737-ca. 1809-10)and his wife Martha Slocum were married in 1762 and among their eight children was John Aylworth.

John Aylworth (ca. 1763 - ca. 1810) was born in Kent County, Rhode island and died in Milford, Otsego County, New York.  Sometime after his death his wife Elizabeth Humphrey Aylworth, and their children moved (1815) to Wayne County, Ohio.  Among the children was Giles Alyesworth (note the "es" now in the last name).

Giles Aylesworth (1807- 1880) was born in Milford, Otsego County, New York; then moved with his mother to Ohio (1815) and was the first family member to move westward from Ohio to Porter County, Indiana where he and his family settled in 1842.  Family legend has it that Giles migrated west with two wagons, household goods, tools, grubbing hoe, ax and musket, five children and Mary, his wife. With $2,000.00 in gold, which had been sealed in a false bottom of a dinner bucket, he bought the farm which is the farm now known as Hickory Lawn Farm.

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