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Jim Aylesworth
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Jim Aylesworth

Little Bitty Mousie
Our Abe Lincoln
The Mitten by Jim Aylesworth

  NEW in 2012 Meet the Author - An Iowa Summer
Jim Aylesworth
Two versions of a popular tale - "The Mitten" — Jim Aylesworth's version and the version by Jan Brett
Jim Aylesworth
Jim shares the value of focusing listeners' attention.
Jim Aylesworth
Reading aloud is a great way to share great books — and to instill the love of reading in young listeners.

A visit to the Darien, Il Library.  Playin' in the Stacks Delights Children and Families—More than 50 children and families explored Indian Prairie Public Library's renovated youth services area Sunday during Playin' in the Stacks.
An article by Kayla Gregory

This award winning teacher and author has many valuable lessons for young and old alike about the importance of courage, dedication and perseverance. He can inspire large groups as well as small to include more reading and writing in their lives. He can relate the experience of being an author to students with the skill that comes from years in the classroom. He enjoys speaking to all age and grade levels. He is a gifted teacher and a successful author; just the right person to provide a memorable and exciting school visit.

In addition to school visits, Jim Aylesworth is also a successful conference and book event speaker. His appearances with an adult audience serves to inspire and energize adults who work with children. Many teachers have said that after hearing Jim read, they, themselves, will never read his books the same again. Jim Aylesworth's readings (and singing) will resonate to bring new dimensions to their own reading.

If you have booked Jim to visit in your community and need a high resolution photograph to print off for display purposes, click here.

Albums/Notes from a few school visits --

Welch Elmentary Naperville IL
Jim Aylesworth visits Welch Elementary in Naperville, IL
Visit to Carol Stream IL
A kindergarten class records
 Carol Stream, Illinois

More photos in the Photo Gallery

Meet the Author - An Iowa Summer

Indianapolis, Indiana

Jim aylesworth - Abu Dhabi Visit 
Abu Dahbi - 2009

Jim Aylesworth and YOU (LIbraries Unlimited)

Pictures from a visit to Colegio Ingles in Monterrey, Mexico

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